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In addition to being a mother of 3 children and after passing by through multimedia, graphic design, and cake design, it was in the connection of her hands with the land that she found out her passion.
Maria was two years in training at the Caulino Atelier, where began to challenge the potential of the art of making pottery without further drop. With potters Ricardo Lopes and Vasco Baltazar learned to work with the potter's wheel.
In her studio Maria likes to make objects that are perpetuated, regardless of trends or seasons. She doesn’t like doing the same things or doing thing according to standards. She likes the imperfections of manufactured pieces that leaves no disguise. Maria get’s her inspiration on her daily life and in the surrounding environment.

Para além de ser mãe de 3 filhos e depois de ter passado pela multimédia, design gráfico,  e pela decoração de bolos, foi na ligação das mãos com a terra que encontrou a sua paixão.
Esteve dois anos em formação no Atelier Caulino, onde começou a desafiar as potencialidades da arte de fazer cerâmica, sem mais a largar. Com os ceramistas Ricardo Lopes e Vasco Baltazar aprendeu a trabalhar com a roda de oleiro.
No seu atelier gosta de fazer objectos que se perpetuem, independentemente de tendências ou épocas. Não gosta de fazer as coisas certinhas nem iguais. Gosta das imperfeições que o trabalho à mão não deixa disfarçar. Inspira-se no dia a dia, na rua e no que a rodeia.

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Contact Me


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If you would like to come and meet us, please contact in advance! we are not always on site, ad you should make an appointment! We would love to ear from you!

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Praceta Eugénio de Castro 2790-063 Carnaxide Portugal


Send Mail info@mariacastelbranco.pt

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– “Is it a secret?” He asked. – “No. It’s Spring!” (Mars 22nd to May 28th – 2018)

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